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Johanna Town Heightened Light

Light doesn’t only illuminate, in the view of this celebrated British designer, it should also (when done properly) accentuate the emotional currents that crackle through every story as it unfolds on stage. The chair of the Associaton of Lighting Designers and longtime head of lighting at London’s Royal Court Theatre whose work has earned her accolodes from Broadway to the West End, Town spoke to us about channeling the intensifying power of light.

Rodger Pugh Bending Reality With Light

The designer for Starset and other sci-fi bands describes how he uses light to challenge commonly held notions of space and time. Relying on curious light angles, unconventional color mixes, gobos that pop up in unusal places, and unexpected scenic elements, his designs are intended not only to immerse the audience, but also to challenge them to see things in new ways.

Fireplay’s Nick Whitehouse and Dom Smith Get Theatrical For Jason Aldean

Fireplay designers Nick Whitehouse and Dom Smith created an immersive theatrical design for superstar Jason Aldean’s current “Ride All Night” tour. Completing the massive video element that’s key to their stunning panorama are 58 Rogue RH Hybrid fixtures. Learn how they used our 330W moving hybrid fixture to add a rock and roll element to the current tour by ACM’s Entertainer of the Decade.

On The House: Sean Keegan Gypsy Sally’s

As the house LD at one of the most popular spots on the jam band circuit, Sean Keegan has become quite adept at busking. He’s also learned how to listen for even the subtlest shifts in music as he keeps up with the improvisational tracks of visiting bands. His often six-day-a-week job is not for everyone, he acknowledges, but it’s one he wouldn’t trade for the world.

Ovation E-910FC IP by CHAUVET Professional

In this behind the scenes interview, Lighting Designer Noah Wood discusses how the CHAUVET Professional Rogue series is instrumental in bringing both quality and quantity to his design, where Rogue R2X Beam, Rogue R2 Wash and Rogue RH1 Hybrid units help create impactful visuals for Toby Mac’s 2019 Deep Tour.

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