CHAUVET Professional
Marc Brickman
                                                                        Artistic Light

The creative force behind the Empire State Building first synchronized music and light show talked to us about how aesthetics drive design. It’s a credo he’s followed since early in his career when he designed for Bruce Springsteen, on through to his acclaimed work for Pink Floyd.

Denny Arndt
                                                                        Outlining Stages

Last New Year’s Eve, this German designer wowed a crowd of one million revelers at Berlin’s Brandburg Gate by outlining a sleek angular stage with bright LED strips. He shared his insights into expanding the size and impact of a show by treating stage borders as design elements in their own right.

Keith Hoagland’s
                                                                        Light Bridge

There is a wide and sometimes treacherous gap between a designer’s concept for a show and the actual panorama of light and video that transforms the concert stage. It is the job of the lighting director to step into this gap and bring the designer’s ideas to fruition. Keith Hoagland, who has excelled as both a designer and director, talked about bridging the gap between vision and reality.

CHAUVET Professional Enjoys High-Profile Glastonbury Festival

CHAUVET Professional fixtures were everywhere to be seen at the Glastonbury Festival. Talented designers used them in myriad ways during the five-day celebration of music and light. At the Pyramid Stage, Tim Routledge relied on the COLORado Solo Batten to outline key scenic elements and provide critical sidelighting for headliner Stormzy. The Flying Bus Stage engaged visitors with surreal effects with help from a collection of 27 Maverick fixtures. These are just two examples of how our lights contributed to a great Glastonbury experience.

The Muny

America’s oldest and largest outdoor musical theatre is now the most forward-thinking! The venerable 101-year-old Municipal Theatre Association ushers in the 21st century with a $30 million stage renovation that includes an outdoor-rated, all-LED rig of hundreds of Ovation ellipsoidals, COLORado wash lights and F4IP video panels. In this exclusive behind the scenes video, Lighting Designer Rob Denton and Production Manager Tracy Utzmyers walk us through the new outdoor-ready technology and reasons for going all LED!

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