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Allen Branton Translating Light

The Prime-Time Emmy winner discusses how he distills the essence of live tour designs when "translating" concerts for broadcast. Drawing on his experience with video performances by stars like Adele, Bette Midler, Nirvana and Eric Clapton, he explores the differences between live and televised shows. Along the way, he talked to us about his time working for Diana Ross at Caesar's Palace and David Bowie on the Serious Moonlight tour.

On The House Jay Higginson The Old National Center

The house LD at one of the Midwest's oldest (built in 1910) and most diverse live music venues, describes how he gets this venerable venue ready for shows. It's a process that requires a deft touch, given that his house's three theatres play host to a list of guests that range from Zomboy and Killswitch Engage to Mariah Carey and comedian Bill Maher.

Mike St-Jean The Geometry Of Light

Harmony is essential to lighting design. It is also at the core of geometry, which has been described as a "meditation on the harmony of the cosmic order." The designer for the British progressive metal band TesseracT, supports his client's atmospheric music with unique combinations of geometric patterns that add depth and meaning to the stage. He talked to us about how geometry informs his work.

Steve Lieberman Sets Stage With ÉPIX

Intensity ruled on the Electric Daisy Carnival Mexico's circuitGROUNDS and neonGARDEN stages on February 23-24, thanks in part to a massive collection of ÉPIX Strip Tour fixtures supplied by Serpro Productions. The RGB LED strips did more than accent Lieberman's distinctive truss layout, they also added eye-popping excitement with stunning effects and image displays.

Video Insights: Maverick MK3 Coming Soon...

Strap yourself in and get ready to break the light barrier on your next tour - Maverick MK3 is here! A breathtaking fusion of power and performance, the new Maverick MK3 Spot & MK3 Profile conquer any design challenge with an output unheard of from a single source LED, along with the most advanced optics, effects and control options, all at an unprecedented value.

World Preview at Prolight and Sound. April 2nd.

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